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We clean ALL types of ovens including single ovens, double ovens and ranges.  We also clean all models of extractor hoods, oven and stove hoods, oven and stove hobs and microwaves.

We specialise in cleaning ovens and kitchen appliances such as fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers for the domestic market and businesses such as letting agencies, landlords, Air BnBs, holiday homes aswell as static caravans.

We clean for all sorts of people throughout Inverness and the Highlands – for example elderly people, families with young children, busy professionals, people with active social lives, people who are selling their property, people who have just moved into a new home, people who rent their home, the list is endless but the common denominator is that oven cleaning is one of the most unpopular household chores. 

Why not let Ness Ovening Cleaning take away the strain and bring your oven or kitchen appliance back to life?


Oven Cleaning

The first stage of the oven cleaning process is to place a protective covering over the floor in front of your oven. 

All removable parts are then taken from the oven and placed in a custom made heated dip tank located in the back of the van.  This is where the magic happens.  With grease, fat, carbon and burnt on food deposits being removed.

The oven door, where possible, is then removed, split apart and the glass removed for a thorough clean.  The inside of the oven is then given a deep clean using specially developed caustic free solutions, tools and techniques…..and more than a little elbow grease!

Now it is time for the removable parts of the oven to be retrieved from the heated dip tank for finishing and taken back to the oven to be re-assembled.  The exterior is degreased, polished and finished off with our special stainless steel spray.

You will now be left with a sparkling oven that is near showroom condition and ready to use and will be the envy of all your friends and neighbours.


Hob Cleaning

Hobs are cleaned using a similar method with removable parts such as pot stands, burner rings and caps being taken to the van and placed into the heated dip tank whilst the hob itself is treated to a thorough clean.


Extractor Cleaning

Cleaning of extractors includes replacement of the filter if required.  If the extractor is fitted with metal filters these would be placed in the heated dip tank where all traces of grease and fat will be removed. 

Extractor bulbs can be fitted/supplied for an additional charge.


Fridges / Freezer Cleaning

The cleaning and defrosting of your fridge and freezer can take a long time to do and is often messy.  So why not let us do it?

There is no need to turn your fridge/freezer off before we arrive and you can leave all the food in it.  All your food is placed into cool bags whilst we clean so that none of the items begin to defrost.  We then replace them at the end of the cleaning process.

We remove all the shelves and baskets from the appliance and using different cleaning methods, including steam cleaning, we defrost it until it is completely ice free.  We then clean all of the inside and the seals of the fridge/freezer and dry it thoroughly.  Once all the shelves and baskets have been cleaned we use an antibacterial spray to ensure your fridge/freezer is as hygienic as possible.

After everything has been replaced, we then clean the outside thoroughly to leave it looking as new as possible.

Your fridge/freezer is now fresh, ice free and not having to work as hard thus saving you on electricity, a win win!


Washing Machine Cleaning

Washing machines need to be kept clean to keep them working at their best.

Scum build up occurs in your soap drawer and also behind it.  We remove the soap drawer allowing us access to it and the cavity behind in order to spray and clean thoroughly.  The washing machine seal is then cleaned with our various brushes and antibacterial/mould sprays as well as the whole door area.

A part of the washing machine that is important to keep clean is the filter.  We remove the filter, thoroughly clean it and the area it sits in before replacing thus helping to keep your washing machine fresh.

We then run your machine on a short cycle with a de-scaler and degreaser to ensure all the pipework is clean and free from nasty odours.

Your washing machine is thoroughly cleaned allowing your loads to come out as fresh and clean as possible!


Dishwasher Cleaning

Although the inside of a dishwasher is designed to ‘clean’, this unfortunately does not mean the seals, filters and door perimeters.  It only applies to the dishes.

We will ensure that all the dirt and old food debris is removed from your dishwasher seal.

The dishwasher filters are then removed and cleaned removing any old food and other bits and pieces that may be caught up in it.  We then deep clean all the areas that need any further attention before running a degreaser and limescale remover through the machine on a cycle to ensure the machine is clean and fresh and ready for you to use.

Clean dishwasher means cleaner dishes!


Free Key Collection and Return Service

Do you have a busy schedule? Then why not take advantage of our free key collection service.
We can arrange local key collection from your place of work, a neighbour, a friends or anywhere that suits you best to let you get on with your day and Ness Oven Cleaning take care of the oven cleaning in your absence. Once completed we will return the keys for a 100% hassle free service.
Get in touch today to schedule a collect and return service.